Plants, Trees, Flowers, Vines, Bushes, Palm Trees and more available from our Nursery. Check out our current inventory. Don’t see what you want or need?  Go to our contact page and send us a request. We stock new requests every week.


Do you need commercial landscaping or residential landscaping in Palm Beach County?  Our experienced team can provide the design, materials and labor support you need for a beautiful and functional landscaping.  Visit our landscaping services page to learn more.

Planting Large Trees

You need 2 things to plant large trees. The right equipment and an experienced team.  There are many factors that go into planting large trees in palm beach county, from understanding the legal requirements to understanding the soil and potential environmental factors that will affect your tree.  Keeping your property safe throughout the install and leaving the property clean are guarantees.  If you’d like to lear more about our Tree planting services just visit our contact page and send us a note or give us a call at (561) 747-1747.

Land Clearing

Especially in the less developed areas like Jupiter farms you might need some equipment, manpower, and experience to help you clear the land for future use.  We can handle big trees, thick bamboo, thorny bushes and rough terrain.  Contact LiDonni today to schedule a walk through of your property.


Our paving services were the very first service LiDonni offered in South Florida.  We’ve paved driveways, highways and parking lots for 50 years.  If you drive around in Jupiter you have probably driven on something we have paved.  Give us a call or shoot us an email for more information.