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Ilex / East Palatka
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Ilex / East Palatka

Latin Name:

Ilex verticillata

Plant Type:     



Ilex verticillata, commonly known as Winterberry or False Alder, is a deciduous holly known for the densely packed, bright red berries it displays in mid-winter. The combination of bare branches and these bursts of winter color make Winterberry a distinctive ornamental species in nearly any landscape.

Winterberry is dioecious, meaning that male and female flowers appear on separate plants. Only female Winterberry produces berries, and only if properly pollinated. These fruits are technically drupes, about 1/4 inch in diameter, and first appear in late summer or autumn, persisting through winter and sometimes into early spring.

Winterberry thrives in acidic soils, and will tolerate poorly drained or swampy conditions. Winterberry will also grow in the average garden without any trouble. It flowers and fruits best in full sun. The only real dangers for Winterberry are drought and alkaline soils.

When planting Winterberry, provide at least one male plant for every 10 female plants to ensure pollination and ample berry displays. Seed propagation is difficult with Winterberry, even with stratification. Softwood cuttings should be taken in June or July and put under glass with mist. Expect cuttings to root in six to eight weeks.

Winterberry is an excellent border shrub and looks its best when planted in mass. Plant Winterberry in low, moist landscape areas or alongside streams and ponds.

Winterberry is cultivated commercially for Christmas ornamentation. If berries are cut for this purpose, keep them dry and they will last for months. You may have to harvest berries before your shopping days are passed, though: birds enjoy the fruits and can strip a tree clean.


Shrub borders, foundations, hedges





Lighting Needs:

Full Sun, Part Shade

Soil Type:

Acidic, Moist, Loamy, Rich, Sandy

Flower Color:


Growth Rate:


Hardiness Zones:



72 to 180


72 to 120

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