Cassia (25G)
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Cassia  (25G)

Latin name:

Cassia Senna(Cassia angustifolia or Cassia acutifolia)

Part Used :

Senna leaves and pots

Plant Family:


Common Names:

Alexandrian Senna, Cassia lenitiva, Cassia lanceolata, Cassia officinalis, East Indian Senna, Nubian Senna, Tinnevelly Senna,Cassia senna, Senna, Rajavriksha, Fan xia ye,American senna,locust plant

It cleanses and purifies the blood and causes a fresh and lively habit of the body.A shrub with winged leaves, each being made up of six pairs of smaller leaves. The yellow flowers, produced in longish spikes at the tops of the branches, are moderately large and are striped with red.


India,Pakistan and China

Medicinal Parts Used:

Dried fruit pods, and leaves(Dried leaflets),the leaf tend to be used in making tablets,the fruit(pods) is most commonly used for preparation of senna infusion(tea),Scientifically,the pods are crushed and made into tablets.

Historical or traditional use :

People in northern Africa and southwestern Asia have used senna as a laxative for centuries. It was considered a “cleansing” herb because of its cathartic effect. In addition, the leaves were sometimes made into a paste and applied to various skin diseases. Ringworm and acne were both treated in this way.

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