Blanket Flower
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Blanket Flower

Latin Name:

Gaillardia aristata

Plant Type:

Perennial, Annual


Gaillardia aristata, commonly known as the Blanket Flower, is a perennial member of the sunflower family prized for its cheery, daisy-like flowers. The Blanket Flower’s similarity to summer flowers such as the Black-eyed Susan can be deduced from its other common name of Brown-eyed Susan.

Like the Black-eyed Susan, the Blanket Flower enjoys full sun and a long flowering season, but it also displays a greater variety of color. The summer blooms can be monochromatic or bichromatic, and range from bright yellow, red, or orange to buff or brown.

The common name of Blanket Flower is said to derive from its colorful similarity to Native American woven blankets. Another more likely story is that when found in the wild, the Blanket Flower tends to cover or blanket the ground.

The Blanket Flower is drought tolerant and can grow under very difficult conditions, even enduring full summer heat with only moderate watering and feeding. Blanket Flower won’t overwinter in clay soils. Light, well-drained, sandy soils are best, and it has even been known to flower on seashores and sand dunes.

If planting Blanket Flower in your garden, sow seeds from early spring to early summer. It will bloom in its first year, and cutting faded flower stalks will help preserve its lengthy blooming season. Space plants 15 to 18 inches apart, and have stakes handy, because Blanket Flowers can get floppy!

Place Blanket Flowers in garden borders that receive a lot of sun. They are also lovely in cottage gardens and as cutflowers.


beds, borders, butterfly garden, cutflowers







Lighting Needs:

Full Sun

Soil Type:

Well drained, Rich, Light, Normal, Loamy, Sandy

Flower Color:

Yellow, Red, Orange

Growth Rate:

Moderate to Fast

Hardiness Zones:



15 to 36


12 to 18

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