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Red Maple
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Red Maple

Latin Name:

acer rubrum


The red maple is one of the most common deciduous trees found in the eastern part of North America, from Florida all the way to Ontario, and can even be found as far west as east Texas. Red Maples can thrive in various conditions, including both swamps and dry soil. It is a medium to large size tree, ranging from about 20 to 30 meters high and 1/2 meter to 2 meters in diameter. A red maple’s lifespan is usually from 100 to 200 years, sometimes longer.

The simplest way to distinguish a red maple from other trees is by its leaves. Like other deciduous trees, the leaves are positioned opposite one another on the twigs, are 5 to 10 centimeters in both length and width, and have three to five irregularly toothed lobes. The flowers of the red maple are single sex, although both male and female flowers exist on a single tree in separate clusters.

The red maple is usually grown as decoration in many parks and gardens, unless the soil is salty or alkaline. The red maple is also the perfect tree for urban areas as long is there is enough room for its root system. The red maple is a remarkably resilient tree. It can easily adapt to the harsher urban conditions, can thrive in either overly moist or dry soil, and has a high tolerance for pollution. However, because of its root system the red maple does not make a good sidewalk tree.


Firewood, Aggressive surface roots possible, Specimen, Street tree, Woodland garden







Lighting Needs:

shade to full sun

Soil Type:

Acidic, Clay, Loamy, Neutral, Sandy, Well drained

Flower Color:


Growth Rate:


Hardiness Zones:

4a to 10b


600 to 900


480 to 720

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