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Indian Hawthorn
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Indian Hawthorn

Latin Name:

Crataegus laevigata


The Hawthorn tree is a member of a large genus of thorny shrubs called Crataegus belonging to the Rose family. It is a hardy, medium sized plant that is desirable in lawns for its form, bloom, autumn colors, and red fruit. Of the hundreds of classified species, most thrive in the temperate northern regions, especially wind-pummeled seashores. The Hawthorn is native to England where it is commonly called the Mayflower due to the month when its white or pink blossoms first appear. Because of their sharp thorns, Hawthorns were widely used as impenetrable hedge growth and when left untended will claim large areas with abundant thickets. Hawthorns grow to the height of a large shrub or a small to medium sized tree. After it flowers bloom in the spring, it produces a bright red fruit.

By soaking the fruit in water until the flesh has decayed, pulp can then be removed and seeds can be sown in a flat before being placed in a cool cellar or basement, watering occasionally. Hawthorn seeds germinate slowly and the seeds may take two or possibly three seasons before sprouting. As a medicinal herb, Hawthorns have been traditionally used to treat kidney and bladder problems, and toward the end of the 19th century began being recognized as a heart remedy.


Ornamental Tree, Herbal Medicine







Growing Ease:

Will grow for anybody

Lighting Needs:

Full Sun to Partial Shade

Soil Type:

6.1(mildly acidic) to 7.8(mildly alkaline)


Species of this Genus can be harmful to pets.

Flower Color:

White, Red, Pink

Growth Rate:


Hardiness Zones:

4a to 8b


15 to 30 ft.


20 to 30 ft.

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