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Ilex / Vomitoria
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Ilex / Vomitoria

Latin Name:

Ilex vomitoria

Plant Type:     



Ilex vomitoria, commonly known as Yaupon Holly, is a highly decorative evergreen shrub or small tree saddled with an unfortunately evocative botanical name. Yaupon Holly is an excellent garden hedge or screen, fast growing, drought-tolerant, and adaptable to a variety of soil and moisture conditions.

Yaupon Holly’s Latin binomial stems from its use in Native American male purification rituals. Toasted and boiled Yaupon Holly leaves were used to make a tea called Asi or Black Drink. This tea would then be drunk in copious amounts until participants in the ceremony vomited. This led white observers to believe that Yaupon Holly was emetic, or vomit-inducing, which is untrue.
The botanical name is a vulgar one for such a colorful and useful plant. Yaupon Holly is dioecious. Numerous small white flowers appear in spring, and pollinated female flowers transform into bright red berries that endure through autumn and into winter and attract migratory birds.

Yaupon Holly typically attains a height of 15 to 20 feet and sometimes taller. Its leaves are leathery and dark green, alternate in location and oval in shape, and its bark is smooth and gray. Yaupon Holly shapes vary by cultivar, but can be large and weeping or dense and columnar.

Yaupon Holly seeds are best sown in autumn when they’re ripe, and will take up to 18 months to germinate. Stored seeds typically require two winters to germinate, though scarification and stratification can reduce this time. Growing Yaupon Holly from cuttings will reduce the variability of attributes.


Hedge, screen, windbreak





Lighting Needs:

Full Sun

Soil Type:

Well Drained, Moist, Heavy, Sandy, Adaptable

Flower Color:


Growth Rate:

Moderate to fast

Hardiness Zones:



180 to 240


120 to 240

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