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Holly / Burford
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Holly / Burford

Latin Name:

Mahonia Aquifolium


Oregon Grape, Holly-Leaved Barberry, or Grape Holly are all names for the Mahonia Aquifolium. The Oregon Grape is a hardy evergreen shrub that reaches about three feet in height and produces small, blue, edible berries. As the name implies, it is perfectly suited to the Pacific Northwest climate, and is indigenous to Western North America. The spiny, holly-shaped leaves change from a glossy dark green in summer to purple or red in winter. It produces fragrant yellow flower clusters in the spring before bearing fruit. It can form an impenetrable shrub and makes an excellent groundcover.

Propagation is achieved by seeds sown in the fall, or by green cuttings or leaf buds sown from mid- to late summer. It thrives in full sun or partial shade. Native Americans and modern herbalists realize its value as a medicinal plant. It has a cleansing effect on the blood, liver, bladder, and gall bladder; and is known to relieve gastritis, diarrhea, and eczema. The tart berries are used in jams, jellies, juice, pies, and wines. All parts of the plant, including roots, bark, and berries, can be ingested safely. Roots and bark are harvested in early spring or late fall, and fully ripe berries are used fresh.


Ornamental or Fruit Tree







Growing Ease:

Will grow for anybody

Lighting Needs:

Full Sun

Soil Type:

Mildly Acidic to Mildly Alkaline

Flower Color:


Growth Rate:


Hardiness Zones:

5a to 9a


2 to 8 ft.


2 to 6 ft.

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