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Guava / Cattley
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Guava / Cattley

Latin Name:

Psidium Guajava


Guava trees are small tropical trees native to the Americas and valued for their sweet fruit and ornamental appeal. The tree has smooth brownish bark, light green oval leaves, and white flowers. The tree reaches about 20 feet at maturity, and the fruit is prized for its vitamin C content and its musky, sweet, aromatic flavor. When fully ripe the fruit can be eaten raw, blended in drinks, or used to sweeten preserves and jams. Guava trees are grown throughout Southern California and Florida in the United States, and are easily propagated from seeds and cuttings. They have no special soil requirements and are known for their ability to colonize if left unchecked. Guavas need good drainage and full sun. Most nurseries in Guava tree regions will carry young saplings.

To plant, dig a hole 2 ft.x 2 ft.x 2 ft. Replace soil with thoroughly mixed compost and manure. Add a cup of bone meal or phosphate rock. Make an irrigation depression around the base of the tree and fill with water before mulching. Remember not to place the mulch directly against the tree base. Water once a week until new growth appears, then reduce watering frequency to once every two weeks. Some varieties will be producing fruit after only two years.


Fruit Tree







Growing Ease:

Will grow for anybody

Lighting Needs:

Full Sun

Soil Type:

5.1(strongly acidic) to 7.5(neutral)

Flower Color:

Growth Rate:

Hardiness Zones:

9a to11


30 to40 ft.


20 to 30 ft.

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