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Latin Name:


Plant Type:



Most species are stemless or short-stemmed plants with arrow-shaped leaf blades carried on stalks about as long as the blade. A few are huge ôelephant earsö with upright trunk two or three feet (60-90 cm) high. Flowers in a specialized inflorescence consisting of a fleshy spike (spadix) surrounded by a leafy structure (spathe) from the base of the spike.


Philippines, East Indies


Suitable for the home or a greenhouse







Growing Ease:

Requires extra care


60-85°F, 16-29°C


High humidity

Lighting Needs:

Does best in bright indirect sunlight coming from the North/East/West

Soil Type:

A GOOD general purpose potting soil (a soil that retains water yet drains well) will suffice. Check purchased soil to see that it is well aerated and add sand or perlite and peat moss if it seems to pack too tightly. Give the plants a chance to settle in before going back to whatever fertilization program has been successful for you. If you want to mix your own take: 1 part garden soil, 1 part coarse sand or perlite, 1 part moist peat or humus (leaf mold) and a light dusting of lime. Always use a pot with a hole.


Keep the soil evenly moist and if you use rainwater, be careful as it could be acidic. Use warm water.


Feed every two weeks spring through fall with a water soluble fertilizer. An alternative is a granular slow release fertilizer if applied annually in the early spring.

Plant Pests:

Prone to scale and spider mites. Always inspect any new plant for pests before introducing it to your home or greenhouse.


Division in the spring. After dividing plant, pot in the plant’s regular potting mix.

Gardening Tips & Care:

Plant is poisonous if ingested so do not keep it around children if possible. Mist frequently with warm water (lime free to avoid leaf staining) and repot in the spring if necessary. Place pebbles or gravel in the drainage dish to hold water and increase the humidity, make sure the pot is sitting on the gravel and not in the water. If possible put outside for the summer in bright indirect light.

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